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Our Products

Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world… Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine! They are the ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatment that actually improves the health of the hair with No Damage! Entire in-salon treatment is completed in just 90 minutes! The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and air dry your hair, and it will be smooth, frizz-free and radiant with results that last up to 12 weeks leaving hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

Brazilian Blowout ZERO – Brazilian Blowout ZERO is a new professional smoothing solution formulated with a breakthrough Plant-Derived KeraSafe Bonding System to effectively deposit and seal essential amino acids onto the hair, providing a smooth, radient, frizz-free surface for up to 12 weeks. 0% Formaldehyde Released Before, During or After Treatment
Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare and Styling Products – Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care is an aftercare product regimen developed for the uniqu purpse of extending the life of the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatment. In addition, these specially formulated smoothing products promote smooth, frizz-free, radiant hair on a daily basis. Acai hair care products infuse the hair with an exclusive blend of native smoothing properties derived from a proprietary Brazilian Super- Nutrient Complex. This complex allows for a continual and cumulative smoothing effect to occur while the hair is washed and styled in between professional treatments.

Malibu Hair & Skin Products are nature-identical, food-grade ingredients with refillable, recyclable, eco-friendly dispensers, Malibu offers products to benefit and sustain the wellness of your hair, your skin and the earth.
The effects of hard water on hair are eliminated with Malibu Hard Water Hair Care products including the wonderful Hard Water shampoos, conditioners, and weekly demineralizer.
No one treats swimmer’s hair like Malibu. Swimmers Products will remove chlorine and restore moisture. Keep it in the gym bag or by the pool.
Blonde Hair and Malibu – they’re a perfect match. Whether you are a natural blonde or chose to be one, Blondes & Highlights products are just for you.


Neutralize yellow tones. Banish brassiness. Restore luminosity.


Revitalize lack-lustre locks with this sulphate free toning shampoo. Cool Blonde Shampoo intensifies shines, brightens blondes and adds a hint of silver to enhance white or greying hair.


This nourishing, shine-inducing conditioner is enriched with violet colour pigments and special cationic ingredients to brighten and hydrate the hair, leaving it smooth, supple and energized with luminous shine.


Refreshen bright blonde tones with this deep conditioning, semi-permanent toner. Anti-yellowing, neutralizing colour pigments restore the brightness of natural and processed blonde, grey or white hair while the nourishing technology leaves locks soft, supple and illuminated.


CosMedix skin care products are the answer to a healthy complexion without irritation. Our advanced cosmeceutical line works to enhance the physiology of the skin through the use of only the most purified, chirally correct and effective ingredients that are safe and beneficial for the skin. Known as the chirally correct pioneer, CosMedix is the choice of dermatologists, physicians and aestheticians worldwide for enhanced treatment results.

Cleanse & Balance

Removes impurities and restore epidermal equilibrium. Your first step towards healthy, radiant skin starts here.

Stimulate & Repair

Powerful products for profound change. Face saving treatments with skin-friendly results. Stimulate collagen and renew the skin. Assist the skin’s natural healing process with soothing ingredients.

Hydrate & Protect

Combat inflammation in the skin by reflecting harmful ultraviolet rays. Shield skin from what ages it. Keep your skin supple, balanced and well protected.

Today’s Peels
Designed to refresh and exfoliate the skin without prior preparation.

Tomorrow’s Peels
Medium-depth peels that correct the damage done yesterday.

Billion Dollar Brows

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our faces – and yet they are often the most neglected.

Brow Boost

Get thick, full brows & lashes! Our Deep Conditioning Treatment is designed to help strengthen & condition thin, over-tweezed brows.

Universal Brow Pencil

No More Guessing Games! Formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colors. This amazing pencil goes on smooth and natural. Perfect for creating beautiful, natural brows for when you’re on-the-go. The pencil’s versatile color works with almost all hair colors and skin tones.

Hint of Tint

Color and Control – All in One. This bold blend of brow color and hold comes in an easy-to-use tube. Perfect for when you are on-the- go and don’t have time to apply powder and gel. For a hassle-free, natural look, Hint of Tint brow Gel turns barely-there-brows into WOW Brows in an instant.

•Blonde: Very blonde to light brunette hair color

•Taupe: Medium to very dark hair color.

All Nutrient

The Gold Standard in Haircolor: Try it today!

All-Nutrient has researched and developed quality hair color using the best certified ingredients known to exist. Our certifiably organic formulas offer brilliant shine with 80 vibrant, long-lasting shades and provide the perfect depth of color. Formulated with a natural base of vegetable oils and keratin proteins, our all-natural hair color provides gentile penetration of pigment with the long-lasting color and increased manageability and shine.

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